Monday, November 7, 2011


Look at the title...miserable..yeah, that is what I am feeling right now...I am miserable, I feel terrible, horrible and the list goes on...
I can't figure out the reason for having this feeling....I have no idea where it comes from but I am very sure many of you out there have this kind of feeling once a while. Today, I am not myself, I feel and think differently and I have this kind of feeling as if the people around me and the whole world are going against me, and as if they are saying that....they are fine without me....

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I just came back from a four-day convention in Jitra Kedah. Being a teacher, attending the convention was a great experience. I gained a lot of knowledge not only about teaching and learning but also about other things concerning our beloved country Malaysia. Well, I also managed to meet new friends from other states. 
This convention has made me reflect on myself as an individual and teacher , my teaching, how I reacted on my students' learning behaviours and my teaching environment. Frankly speaking ( writing hehehe..) there is so much to be improved...and also to be amended. 
The typical teaching and learning environment and the pressure of  "producing  A students and the best results for the school" has made me become a robotic and less creative teacher sometimes....what more with the stress and workload which sometimes made me forget that my students are only human beings with different needs, abilities and capabilities.....
This interesting convention has also made me realise how I have neglected myself for so long......I have not been doing what I used to like passion

Monday, October 17, 2011

Our thoughts.....

Our thoughts are the most important asset we have in our desire and determination to achieve our dreams. They affect us in ways we never thought possible. The truth is, whether we know it or not, our thoughts are responsible for whatever condition or situation we are in right now. So, as we have the full control of our own thoughts, we are the ones who are responsible to shape our lives.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


A sad thing in life is that sometimes you meet someone who means a lot to you only to find out in the end that it was never bound to be and you just have to let go

Friday, October 14, 2011



Sunday, September 25, 2011

Let me....

Let me stay in your heart a little longer,
though the space for me  is only a tiny corner,
Let me be your lover ,
though I know it will not be forever....

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Have You Ever Felt....

Have you ever felt....
the misery and sorrow of being hurt
painful feeling that pierced so deep in the heart
which left a deep and unbearable  cut

have you ever felt....
the wonderful feeling of being touched
with love and care that melt your heart
which make you smile the whole day and night

have you ever felt...
the different feelings of sad and glad
being loved, at the same time  hurt in the heart

Sunday, September 4, 2011

An Old Flame

An old flame will never die,
Here to stay in the heart of mine,
A new one may come to say hi,
Accepting it will take a long time.
An old flame will never die,
As You are always on my  mind.
I love you my darling till I die,
As you will forever be mine.
An old flame will never die,
No matter how hard I try.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things.  
Robert Brault

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Quote of the day


Friday, June 17, 2011

Positive Mental Attitude

“It’s your attitude not your aptitude”. These are the words  which have become very vital for all of us. It is our attitude or mindset and not our talent or ability that leads us to success.

These words have obviously proven that a big task or ambition can be achieved if we have positive mental attitude. In other words, we will be able to achieve great success if we are optimistic. In fact, all the shortcomings or weaknesses in ourselves can easily be dealt with if we are optimistic or determined in achieving what we want. Success is gained due to positive thinking which leads us to work hard and overcome all the obstacles along the way and finally pray to the Almighty for success.

Apart from that, an optimistic person will perform his task without being prejudice or judgmental towards other people, his own job or career and most importantly not to be prejudice towards all the efforts that he has put onto the task. He should not be afraid of failure. Therefore, there is no doubt that a task done with determination and whole heartedly will gain success.

Furthermore, positive mental attitude provides strength to our souls in facing challenges in life. This strength enables us to be confident with ourselves and our actions. Being optimistic in whatever we do will enable us to perform all the tasks given to us. We will be more determined and happy to perform the tasks and do not give up easily when facing difficulties. Hence, the quality of the tasks is guaranteed. This is because, the effort we put onto the tasks is based on the positive attitude we have in our minds. It helps us to take the obstacles as challenges which give us the opportunity to improve ourselves.

Besides that, this positive attitude provides a kind of motivation to us.  With it we will be able to become great people in our own way. We are able to think of solutions to problems while other people are sleeping. We are able to try and keep trying while other people are losing hope. We are very enthusiastic while other people are losing interest and we are able to seek help to overcome our problem while others are giving up.

Therefore, it is obvious that people with positive mental attitude are able to perform all kinds of tasks. Despite all the challenges and obstacles that come their way, they are able to face them. Nothing is impossible for them to achieve what they desire with God willing.

Looking at a different perspective, positive mental attitude helps us to make difficult things easy. Like a popular saying, “If there is a will, there is a way”. In this situation, we will look for solutions and overcome all the problems we face along the way to achieve our aim. We will not feel threaten or afraid with all the problems that might stop us half way.

Having  positive mental attitude will definitely promise us our success at the end of the journey. We look at things positively because we are able to take the risk to explore our own abilities and capabilities, we trust ourselves with what we have and make full use of them. Therefore, we are able to find methods and ways which suit our abilities and capabilities given by Allah in facing all the challenges in life. As Allah has said in Surah An-Najm verse 31.

“ And there is nothing for man unless for what he has worked for”

Thus, the more we try,  with positive attitude, the more benefits we will gain because success depends on the efforts  gained from positive thinking.

Let us  take the story of Helen Keller, a strong woman, who had made a great name despite being dumb and blind since she was two years old. All her triumph was due to her determination and positive mental attitude in facing ups and downs in life.

In conclusion, people who have positive mental attitude in whatever they do will work with determination in order to obtain success. Finally, success will be waiting for them as positive attitude has become their strength and enable them to endure pains and difficulties, that at the end, prove their individual perfection.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

School Holiday Activity

Kem Kecemerlangan : English Language Slot ( 29 May 2011 )

With Form 5 Students

With Form 3 students

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Form 5 Mid-year Exam : English Language Paper 1

PPT Paper 1 F5 2011

Form 5 Mid-year Exam : English Language Paper 2

Paper 2- PPT f5 2011

School Holidays...... has been quite a long time I haven't really enjoyed the school holidays. For those who think that being teachers is the best job of all ( where holidays are concerned ) , well, you are wrong. Not all teachers have their school holiday, although they deserve it very much. Many people out there ( who are not teachers or do not know any teachers ) do not really understand the profession. They always envy teachers, not because of the jobs or tasks  teachers do, but the school holidays they think the teachers have.
Yes, like other teachers,  I am now enjoying my two-week holidays, doing a lot of things concerning the students, school, exams, holiday camp  etc. You will ask me, " But you are home? " Yes, I am at home, holidaying and doing all these. That is the life of a teacher. Due to all the hectic schedule of being a teacher,  the uncountable tasks I am obliged to perform and the hard-to-get holidays , all my children have deleted  the profession ( especially being an English Language teacher )  from their  lists.
However, looking at the other side of the coin, I still manage to have quality time with my family at home. I may be doing my work in the morning ( when my children are still sleeping ), having breakfast with them ( when they are all awake ), continuing my work after that ( while they are watching movies and playing games ) , cooking lunch for them and having lunch with them , taking them to the zoo or lake garden in the evening, .......and the list continues. I still have some precious time with my beloved and at the same time doing my work at home.....Happy Holiday and Selamat Bercuti...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Quote of the day

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Lesson Study





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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

There are times when we are less strong.......

It is one of those days when we feel down and everything seems not right and we wish that things would be different and less complicated. It is even worse when we are challenged with other problems at work.  When we face such situation, we tend to think that we are very unfortunate and envy those people who we believe are more fortunate and blessed. No matter how strong we are, there are times such feeling and thought come to us. When this happens, the only thing we can possibly do is to console ourselves by looking at the good things we have or had,  the blessings we have received and what we can do to make things better. Sometimes we might not find the way out or solution to what can we do? If this happens, I think the best way is to let it be...may be that is the best and I believe that there will be great "hikmah"  behind all the predicament, setbacks and everything that happens. By doing this, the 'redha' feeling and thought will help us to keep on moving forward and be stronger in facing the days ahead. ......

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Quote of the day

Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger, even though it is hard to realize this.
For the world was built to develop character, and we must learn that the setbacks and grief which we endure help us in our marching onward.
Henry Ford

Literature: Revision Questions on Poems and Short Stories

Revision Questions

Friday, April 22, 2011

Quote of the day

“Love is when the other person's happiness is more important than your own.”

''Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”

H. Jackson Brown, Jr

The Prisoner of Zenda -Chapters 21-24

TPOZ - Exercises for LEP (5)

The Prisoner of Zenda -Chapters 21-24

Chapter 21- Danger for Rassendyll and Danger for Rupert of Hentzau
At the drawbridge, Anntoinette ran toward Rupert and cried out that Black Michael was dead and fired at him. However, he missed her target when Rupert escaped into the wood and grabbed a horse from a peasant girl. Rassendyll managed to catch him and they fought. Rupert was about to kill him when Fritz arrived. Rupert turned around and escaped.

Chapter 22 – I Am Not the King
The King was saved. The news was that the king had been wounded in Zenda during a rescue mission of a friend from the prison. In the fight, the Duke had been killed. Princess Flavia rushed to see the King. She met a peasant girl who told her that the King was behind the tree, badly wounded. But Sapt tried to tell her that the King was in the castle. Feeling confused, the princess went behind the tree and saw Rassendyll. Spat told her the truth about Rassendyll as Rassendyll confessed. The princess fainted. Rassendyll felt ashamed that he had lied to the princess.

Chapter 23 – Honour Must Come Before Love
The King thanked Rassendyll for saving his life and throne. He was still very weak when Rassendyll visited him.  Rasssendyll then went to see Princess Flavia. They confessed their love but decided to put honour and loyalty as the priority. Princess Flavia decided that she should stay for the sake of her country. Rassendyll admired her courage.

 Chapter 24 – The Adventure is Over
Antoinette de Mauban went back to Paris and stayed unmarried. Rassendyll went to the Alps and rested in a peaceful little village. When he arrived home, he refused the job in Strelsau. He lived quietly and alone in a house in the countryside with the memories of his beloved. Once a year, he travelled to a small town near Ruritania to visit Fritz and his wife Count Helga. They gave him a rose and news from Princess Flavia.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quote of the day

We grow great by dreams. All big men are dreamers. They see things in the soft haze of a spring day or in the red fire of a long winter's evening. Some of us let these great dreams die, but others nourish and protect them; nurse them through bad days till they bring them to the sunshine and light which comes always to those who sincerely hope that their dreams will come true.
- Woodrow Wilson

TPOZ - Exercises for LEP (4)

TPOZ - Exercises for LEP (4) live their lives without each other.

“ Sue, please don’t tell me to do that. I can’t do that. I can’t forget you for you have been in me, in my life for too long and to forget you is an impossible thing to do.” Hisham responded to her request when she asked him to forget her and continue with his life.
He had tried to forget her but it was not an easy thing to do. He could not erase her from his mind and heart. He loved her so much that it would tear him apart every time he tried to forget her . There was and would always be a place for her in his heart. She was too special for him. Her request that night had hurt him more and more.
“ You have to, Sham. Loving me will make you suffer and I can’t forgive myself. Seeing you hurt like this.....” Suzana repeated her request when they reached the hotel entrance.
He drove to the parking lot in silence, parked his car and turned to look at her. There was anger on his face  and his eyes met hers. He asked her to look into his eyes and she obeyed.
“ Don’t you ever ask me to forget you because forgetting you hurts me more than loving you. I am happier to love you than to forget you. Loving you makes me alive, Sue. I am what I am today because of my love for you. Loving you makes me a happy man though I know now you will never be mine. Please don’t ask me to do that....allow me to keep on loving you, to cherish the beautiful moments we had together because those are the only things I can do now.” His voice became softer and the pace slower when he reached his last sentence.
“ I’m sorry, Sham. I thought that it would be the best for you, I just want you to be happy. It is killing me, seeing you like this, you are in so much pain because of me....”
“ Don’t....please, it’s not your fault, Sue. It’s not our fault. We are fated to live a separate life.” Hisham sounded firm and comforting. He did not want Suzana to feel that she was the one to be blamed for what had happened. He did not want her to continue her life feeling guilty. As he said, it was not her fault.
“You have to let it go, Sham. It’s the only way......”
“ No. I can’t. I tried many times, Sue, to forget you, but I couldn’t. It hurts me more. I am happy loving you....believe me....I want it. I want to love you and it’s my choice. Let me love you......”
“ I know...I will never be able to.....” Hisham could not finish the second half of his sentence. He had to rephrase his sentence so that it would not hurt them both.
“ Sue, I know that you will not be mine but I am happy to continue loving you. Please, allow me to love you and cherish our memories....please, for my sake...for my happiness..” Hisham smiled and that was the smile he had on his face on the last day they met at college.
Suzana cried her eyes out listening to his words. They were like knives cutting her into pieces, stabbing right into her heart and killing her. She wanted to hold him tight and tell him that everything would be fine but she could not because things would not be fine for him or even for her. Both of them knew that after that night, things would be different and difficult for them. It would be a great burden for them to live their lives without each other.   

The Prisoner of Zenda -Chapters 16-20

Chapter 16 – Murder in the Moat
Rassendyll spread the news that he was seriously ill so that Black Michael would think that he could not act against him. But when Princess Flavia heard this news, she went to Tarlenheim at once. She was happy to see that Rassendyll was alive and well.
Johann brought sad news about the King. He was ill and growing worst every day. The Marshall too was urging to have the wedding at an early date. The King must be free before that.
Rassendyll continued with his plan. With Fritz, Sapt and 6 horsemen, they set out for Zenda Castle. The 6 horsemen hid themselves at the edge of the forest. Sapt, Fritz and Rassendyll walked to the moat. Rassendyll went into the moat and swam by the wall of the old caslte in the direction of the pipe.  He saw someone was on guard in a boat. The man was asleep. He was max Holf. Rassendyll took his knife and killed the man. He was ashamed of this. It was the most shameful deed.
He swam to the pipe but was disappointed when he found that the pipe had no opening. He then heard the King’s voice talking to Detchard.
He then climbed out of the moat. Three of the Six were leaving the castle. They attacked them and managed to kill 2 of them; Lauengram and Kaufstein. However, Rupert escaped.

 Chapter 17 – Rupert of Hentzau and Madame de Mauban
Black Michael and Rassendyll were deadly enemies but in public they pretended to be friends. That morning, Rassendyll and the princess went for a ride through the street of Zenda. They met the chief of Police. The told Rassendyll that a young Englishman was missing. The family and friends thought that he was in Zenda. Rassendyll then asked the chief of police to leave Zenda because his presence might ruin his plan to save the king. He told the man he would handle the matter.
Rupert met Rassendyll and asked him to join his plan to attack the castle and kill Black Michael so that he could have the power to rule Ruritania and Rassendyll could marry the princess. But Rassendyll turned down his offer.
Rassendyll received a letter from Antoinette de Mauban, asking him to meet her at the House of Death, the Old Castle of Zenda.

Chapter 18 – Rassendyll Makes A Plan

 The Marshall asked Rassendyll to set the wedding date and he fix a date a fortnight ahead. So the King had to be saved before the wedding.
Johann came with the news that the King was very ill, thin and could hardly move. He also told Rassendyll that the wedding date made Black Michael angry. Rassendyll was glad as this could help his plan to save the king.
Detchard and Bersonnin were guarding the king that night. Rupert and De Gautet were on duty during the day. The guards on duty kept the key of the drawbridge. Rassendyll told Johann to open the front door at 2 o’clock the next morning and before he left, Rassendyll gave him a note for Antoinette de Mauban.

Chapter 19 – Rupert of Hentzau Also Makes a Plan
Rassendyll rode ahead to Zenda Castle. He planned to swim to the drawbridge. He waited for the rest to come at the appointed time. A window opened and he saw Antoinette and Rupert arguing. Rupert told her that after he killed Rassendyll, Black Michael would give her to him. He also said that Black Michael was false, faithless and a coward. When Black Michael saw Rupert in Antoinette’s room, he was angry. They argued. Rassendyll wanted to kill Rupert but he had to wait for Johann to open the castle door.

Chapter 20 – Rassendyll Fights Bravely to Save the King
Antoinette screamed when Rupert entered her room. The Duke came to her rescue and they fought. Rupert stabbed the Duke and then escaped through the window. Rassendyll killed De Gautet as he came running out of the castle. Rassendyll found the key and entered the door leading to the King’s room. Rassendyll killed Bersonin.  Detchard wanted to kill the King but the doctor defended him. Detchard managed to wound Rassendyll.

Friday, April 8, 2011

........they were not meant for each other

“Our love story ended eleven years ago, Sham.”
Hisham shook his head and said, ”No, Sue. I never stop loving you. I love you every day, every minute and every moment of my life. I love you more and more and never a moment I live without loving you. Our love never ends and it will never end.”
Suzana wanted to say the same too but she could not. She knew and realised that their future would tell a different story. It would not be possible for her to love or continue loving this man. She had to face it and tell Hisham so that he too would be able to face the reality and start a new life, although she knew it might hurt both of them. That minute, she decided to tell Hisham the truth.
She took a deep breath and prayed that Allah would give her all the strength she needed. Hisham was waiting for her words, her explanation, impatiently. She would never want to hurt this man whom she loved very much. She knew what she would say would hurt him tremendously but she had no other choice.
“Hisham, I loved you, I still love you and will always love you but......” Suzana could not finish her sentence. She was trying to find the most suitable words but she failed to do so. It was difficult for her and there were more tears coming from her eyes.
Hisham did not take his eyes off her and deep in his heart he knew that what he would hear would not be of what he had wanted and desired. He could see something unpleasant through her eyes which were so transparent of her feelings. Her eyes had always been so sincere of what she felt and thought. They would shine and be lively when she was happy but would be gloomy and quiet when she was hurt. Her eyes could never lie but that moment he hoped very much that what he saw in her eyes was not true.
“Hisham, we are not meant for each other....., during your absence I learned to love someone else. It took me many years to realise how much he loves me..” Suzana closed her eyes tightly as she dared not witness the injury she had caused to the man.
Hisham was speechless. All that he had hoped for and dreamed about were destroyed and he felt as if his heart and soul were ripped off from him. Suddenly there were emptiness and lifeless feeling inside him. He had desired to be the only man loved by Suzana, the only man who had the right to love her, to caress her and to be with her so that he could hold her and share her happiness and sadness, her joy and sorrow. He had always desired to be her life partner, to be able to see her smile every day,  listen to her soothing voice ,  tease her, make her laugh and giggle , be there for her and grow old together. Those were what he had hoped for eleven years. Was it his fault? Had he not tried hard enough to look for her? There were too many questions and he could not forgive himself. He was to be blamed. He could have done something eleven years ago....but it was too late now. He was losing the woman he had longed to spend his life with.
Unable to endure the frustration and hurt, he turned away from her but his eyes caught the sight of the big tree and it hurt him even more. All the beautiful memories they had and the unbearable feeling of losing her came simultaneously. This could not be happening to him.
“God, please give me some strength.....” He whispered to himself.
Suzana could see his trembling shoulders and she had never seen him in so much pain. The tall, tanned and handsome man who had always been her hero, so strong and protective when she was in college, was now in great pain and she could not help him. She had caused the hurt and great wrench he was experiencing.   She had never dreamed that their relationship would end such a painful way. It was neither his nor her fault. It was their fate that they were not meant for each other. 

TPOZ - Exercises for LEP (3)

TPOZ - Exercises for LEP (3)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Quote of the day

I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hisham realised how fate had torn them apart........

They sat in the car, looking at the main building of the college. Hisham could not believe the fact that he was sitting very closely to the woman he had longed to meet and continue giving his love. They were so close yet at the same time he could feel that he might be losing her again. He brushed away the feeling and prayed hard that it would not happen. He wanted to love her, to have her and to be part of her.
“Sue, remember that big tree?” He broke the silence.
She looked at the tree near the front gate and nodded. She could not hold her tears and cried in the dark. He saw the tears and let her cry. The place was too meaningful to both of them and looking at it again in a different situation that night really hurt them. Hisham knew that he could not go back to the time when they were so much in love. It was eleven years ago.
“Why did you leave me?”Hisham’s sudden question surprised her.
“I did not!” Her answer came as short and  abrupt as the question.
They looked at each other.
“I went to your house a year after we left college and you were not there. Nobody was there. You left without telling me, without a word.” Hisham looked at her hard and in the dark she could see his tormenting eyes. He was hurt too, just like her.
“Hisham, I never left you....You promised me that you would be there for me if I needed you..but you were not there for me when I needed you most.” Suzana spoke softly and slowly, half crying. There was pain in the voice.
“ Yes, dear. I’ll be there for you, Sue. Come to me when you need me and I will never fail you...” Hisham repeated the words he said to Suzana eleven years ago, when they met under the tree before departing to their hometowns.
“But you failed to be there when I needed you, Sham.....” She said softly but it was clear enough for him to hear the misery in the voice.
“Dad left mom for another was family was ripped apart. I was devastated.....I called you many times but I could not reach you....I wrote to you but you did not reply any of my letters....” Suzana told her story with shaky voice.
“Sue...I’m sorry...I didn’t know...” Hisham could see the pain she had undergone.
It was her fate. Her father left her and her mother a few months after she was assigned for her first post. Her mother could not face the fact and decided to move to Ipoh. Suzana had no choice but to follow her mother. Suzana had to be with her as she was devastated and broken hearted. She needed Suzana the most and it was a difficult period for Suzana too. Like her mother, Suzana needed someone too and that someone was Hisham but he was not there for her as he had promised.
“ I didn’t get all the letters and calls from you....” There was the tone of shock in his husky  voice.
Suzana paused and looked at the man next to her. Her lively eyes  which he loved to see turned quiet and there were sorrows and pain in them. Hisham realised how fate had torn them apart and they could not avoid it.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Prisoner of Zenda -Chapters 11-15

Chapter 11 – A Kind of Tea Party
      Rassendyll received a letter from Antoinette de Mauban asking him to meet her at her summer house at midnight. Rassendyll went to the summer house with Sapt. Rassendyll asked Sapt to wait at the front gate while he went into the summer house alone.She told him that the Duke planned to kill the King and throw the King’s body in the New Town. Then the Duke planned to put the blame on the King’s friend. He then planned to marry the princess. She also told him that the King was imprisoned in Zenda Castle.
     When Rassendyll was talking to Antoinette de Mauben, suddenly the Duke’s men arrived at the scene. They made an offer that the Duke was willing to pay fifty thousand pounds if Rassendyll leave Ruritania. Rassendyll escaped using the tea table as a shield from the gunshots.

Chapter 12 – The Marriage Will Shortly Take Place
     The people were angry  with the King, as he would not fix a date for his wedding. As a result, Duke Michael was becoming more popular among the people.
       Sapt told Rassendyll that a dance  had been arranged in the Princess’s honour. Rassendyll was also told that he had to ask the Princess to marry him that night.
        The most important people in the country were present at the party. In front of the guests, Rassendyll took the Red Rose of Ruritania from his neck and put it on the Princess’s neck. The guests cheered and clapped when seeing this.
        After dinner, Rassendyll went to the garden with Princess Flavia and declared his love for her. When he found out that the Princess only began to love the King after the day of Coronation he was very touched. He wanted to tell Princess Flavia the truth before he could do so, he was interrupted by Sapt. All of them then returned to the crowded dance hall.

Chapter 13 – Love or Honour?
     The morning after the ball, Rassendyll, Sapt, Fritz and ten men were ready to leave for Zenda to rescue the King . Sapt spread the news that the King was going for a boar-hunting trip in the forest near Zenda                      
     Before leaving, Rassendyll told Marshall Strakencz that if the King was killed, the latter had to call out the Army and rule till Princess Flavia was crowned Queen.
     The Princess turned as white as a sheet when she heard that Rassendyll was going to ‘hunt’ Black Michael. Rassendyll told her that if he did not return, she would be the Queen and rule the country. The Princess gave her promise and then she cried like a child.

Chapter 14 – Rassendyll Revisits the Inn in Zenda
     Duke Michael sent three of his Famous Six to visit Rassendyll. They were the Ruritanians; Lauengram, Kaufstein, and Rupert of Hentzau. Rupert , the leader, was the youngest of the three. He was 23 years old and also the most wicked but he was a merry fellow and completely fearless.
     After they were gone, Rassendyll went to Zenda with Fritz. He would save the King by a trick. Rassendyll went to the Inn and asked the girl in the Inn to help him. She should tell Johann Holf that ‘the King’ would want to see him at the bridge outside Zenda at ten o’clock at night.
     Sapt was waiting for them when they reached the castle of Tarlenheim. He was worried because Bernenstein who was Rassendyll’s height was nearly killed by the Famous Six. Rassendyll knew that the bullet was meant for him.

Chapter 15 – Rassenzdyll Narrowly Escapes Death
     That morning, Rupert of Hentzau, the  most wicked of the Six came to see Rassendyll at the Castle. He gave the message from Black Michael. Black Michael promised Rassendyll a hundred thousand pounds if he leave Ruritania but Rassendyll rejected the offer. Rassendyll also found out that the King was still alive.
     Before leaving, Rupert flashed a dagger and struck Rassendyll’s left shoulder. Rassendyll fainted and when he came to himself he was in bed. Johann was brought to him and told him that the King was imprisoned in the Old Castle , in the room at the end of the drawbridge. The king was guarded by three of the Six in the next room. If there would be an attack on the Castle, one of them would kill the king at once and throw the body into the moat and nobody would find his body.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

He had to know, to be sure of his feeling..........

Hisham could not stop thinking of Suzana. He had been looking for her for so many years and when he was about to give up, she appeared. Meeting her again was what he had been dreaming and hoping for merely eleven years. Lying in his bed, in his hotel room and knowing that the person he loved very  much was in the next room made him uneasy. He could not think straight and was not in his right frame of mind. All the memories he had with her kept on coming into his mind, every minute of his days and it was torturing him. Her smile, her small eyes and everything about her made him crazy. He loved her too much but was afraid of the reality he had to face and that was the reason why he had been avoiding her for two days. He had to see her before losing her the second time. He would not want that to happen again. Once is enough.
That night, the last night of the programme, he gathered all his courage and picked up the telephone. A few seconds later, he heard the voice he wanted to hear.
Hisham took a deep breath before responding to her.
“Hello...hello..” Suzana’s voice was heard and Hisham coughed to clear his throat before uttering his first word.
“Hello Sue....Hisham here.”
“Hisham.....what....” but Hisham did not allow her to finish her question.
“Sue, please listen to me....please listen...”
His husky voice had a different tone this time and she was able to feel the misery he was feeling right now. She did not respond but waited for his next words.
“Sue, I need to see you tonight. Please say yes. I have to see you...please.” He pleaded softly.
Suzana was speechless and undecided. This man she was talking to, whom she loved very much was there for her and that was what she had wanted all those years. Unfortunately, she was afraid to see him again. She was not ready and felt that it was not the right time.
“Hisham, I can’t...I don’t think this is right....”
“I have to see you and if you want it to be the last meeting between us, I promise it will be the last...”
He was very wrong about that because Suzana never wanted it to be the last. She was hoping that she would be able to see him again and again.
“Okay then...” She responded.
He was at the hotel lobby, waiting for her. She walked to him and when he heard her , he turned and smiled. She smiled and that was the smile he had missed so much. He walked her to his car which was parked in front of the hotel entrance and without a single word they left the hotel. He drove in silence and the road he took was too familiar to her. He was taking her back to the place where they met the first time and fell in love. He stopped at the entrance of their alma mater and looked at her. He knew it would hurt her very much but he had no choice. That was the only way to find out how she felt about him. He had to know, to be sure of his feeling too so that he could continue with his life and learn to love someone else if he had to.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

TPOZ - Exercises for LEP (2)

TPOZ - Exercises for LEP (2)

Quote of the day

I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet.  
Ancient Persian Saying

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

.....Suzana did not see the glimpse of Hisham the whole two days.

The third and fourth days went smoothly and Suzana did not see the glimpse of Hisham the whole two days. However, it was not what she wanted. She was hoping to see him somewhere in the conference hall. The hope she had and her feeling toward the man surprised her very much. She thought she had forgotten him but their meeting at this conference had proven her wrong. Hisham and the beautiful memories they had together at college were still in her mind and heart.
In her room that night, the last night of the programme, she opened her purse. She took out a folded photo from the zipped compartment of the purse. With trembling hands, she unfolded the photo and there it was, the old picture of Hisham and her. She gazed at it for a long time and it was the first time after 10 years. All those years she had no guts and courage to look at it. It had been folded, kept and to be precise, hidden in that purse for 10 years.
That picture was taken during their final year at college. It was one of those nights when they and other students gathered at one of the benches, spending their last nights after dinners, counting down days to farewell, sharing jokes and stories and recalling pleasant moments they had in their alma mater. She was sitting next to Hisham, not smiling, unlike Hisham who was smiling from ear to ear. He had a naughty look in that picture, perhaps satisfying look. This was because the picture was taken after a long argument between them. Suzana had to give in to Hisham and that made her angry and him very happy. She could not remember what the argument was about may be because they had always argued and quarrelled all the times. Hisham liked to tease her and make her angry and that was what she remembered.
Smiling, she turned the picture and read the writing behind it. She read:
“ Dear, Sue. Whoever your life partner will be, I want you to know that you will always be in my heart. Your dearest Hisham."
The smile faded and it was replaced by tears. It was Hisham’s handwriting and what he had written was very true for her; he was always in her heart.
As she was looking at the picture and reminiscing her past, the mobile phone next to her rang. She picked it up and looked at the screen. It was Adly. This brought her back to reality.
“Sue, how are you?” Adly started the conversation.
“I’m fine. Only a little tired, about you?” Suzana tried very hard not to be too obvious with her tone. Adly had known her for too long and it would not be easy to hide anything from him, even her voice.
“ Everything is fine here. Don’t worry about me. I don’t want you to be too stressed. Take it easy.” He was very comforting. She knew Adly loved her very much.
“All right. You too, don’t worry about me” she responded.
“Okay then. Good night. Take good care of yourself.”
“ Okay and you too.”
She stared at the phone for a few minutes as if she was looking at the man she had just spoken to.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Prisoner of Zenda -Chapters 6-10

Chapter 6-Rassendyll Is Crowned King Rudolf the Fifth
      The city of Strelsau had two main sections, the New Town and the Old Town. People living in the New Town supported the King while those living in the Old Town wanted  Black Michael to be their king.
       The Coronation procession first past through the New Town and was greeted by cheering of spectators. Rassendyll wanted to show the people in the Old Town that their king was brave. As the Coronation procession prepared to past through the Old Town, Rassendyll decided to ride alone.
      The Coronation took place at the Cathedral  where Rassendyll met Black Michael and Princess Flavia for the first time. After the Coronation, the Princess and Black Michael were introduced to Rassendyll the “King”. Later, Rassendyll and the Princess got into the royal carriage and left for the palace . The Princess saw some changes in the “King” but she liked his seriousness. The Princess also warned the “King” about Black Michael.

Chapter 7- Where is the King?
      The dinner at the Royal Palace was a success as no one had recognized the King as Rudolf Rassendyll. After the dinner, Sapt and Rassendyll set out to the hunting lodge in Zenda. The plan was for King Rudolf V to return to the Palace and Rassendyll to leave Ruritania .
    They left Fritz in the King’s bedroom and would tell everyone that the King was resting.      Nobody was allowed to enter the room. Sapt and Rassendyll left the Palace through the secret door which opened into an underground passage . They came out at the back of the Palace gardens.
     Sapt and Rassendyll were riding to the direction of Zenda when they heard somebody  riding after them. Sapt and Rassendyll hid behind some trees. They saw that the two horsemen were Duke Michael  and Max Holf, who served under the Duke. Later, when Sapt and Rassendyll rushed to the lodge, they found that Josef, the servant was killed while trying to save the King. The King was missing.

Chapter 8 – Rassendyl Must Return to Strelsau as King
      Rassendyll and Sapt searched all the cellars and the whole lodge but they could not find the King. Sapt realized that Black Michael’s men must have come to the lodge after Rassendyll, Sapt and Fritz had left. The Black Michael’s men had killed Josef and kidnapped the King
     They had no choice but to go back to Strelsau .and continue impersonating the King. Sapt said that as long as Rassendyll was in Strelsau, Black Michael would not kill the King. So, they would have enough time to plan his rescue. When they were at the lodge, Black Michael’s men came. They went to the back door of the lodge and waited. When the men were at the front door, Sapt and Rassendyll attacked them. Rassendyll killed two men and Sapt killed one man but a bullet caught Rassendyll’s fingers.

 Chapter 9 – The Famous Six
     Sapt and Rassendyll returned to the Palace and entered the King’s room through the secret door. Fritz thought that Rassendyll was the King and greeted him. Sapt told Fritz what had happened to the King.
      After breakfast, Sapt gave Rassendyll a three-hour lesson      on his duties. Then the chief minister came to see Rassendyll and brought some important papers for him to sign. Later that day he met some ambassador and one them was the English ambassador who had come to Rassendyll’s house in England. He was lucky because that man was short-sighted and could not recognize him.
     Rassendyll was tired and wanted some rest but Fritz told him that they had to act fast to rescue the King. Fritz got the information that Black Michael had returned to Strelsau with three of his Famous Six. Sapt inferred that the other three of the Famous Six were guarding the King in Zenda and the King was still alive .

Chapter 10 – Rassendyll Meets Black Michael and Three of the Famous Six.
      Rudolf rode through the street because he wanted the people to like and trust the King. He stopped and bought flowers for Princess Flavia. It pleased the crowd as well as the princess.
Duke Michael and his three foreign followers arrived at Princess Flavia’s residence. Rassendyll saw hatred in Duke  Michael’s eyes. Princess Flavia wanted Rassendyll to be careful of the duke and his men. Rassendyll realized that he was falling in love with the princess.