Monday, January 31, 2011

My First Year as a teacher in Lahad Datu ( part 2 )

The journey to SBPLD was awful but once the school came into view, I was glad. The school was big and beautiful...and new. It was only a year old with only 200 students ( I can't remember the exact number actually ).
I met the principal, Tn Hj Zainuddin who previously was the principal of SERATAS, a boarding school in Taiping. He then took me to the staffroom and introduced me to the teachers there. Well, again I was glad....glad to see many "orang Semenanjung" in Lahad Datu. I met Saodah, Saleha, Idrus, Halim, Aminah and Kamaliah. These are the names I can still remember until today. I stayed with Saodah and Saleha at the teachers' quarters. It was not bad actually....compared to the journey I had earlier that morning. The three-room flat was quite comfortable. From the window of my room, I could see the whole school; the field, the school buildings and the hostels. Everything was fine except.....there was no water supply......well, the only water we had was the rain. There were some water tanks on the ground floor of the flat  ( which the teachers used to collect water ). I complained of course...well who would not? Just imagine yourself carrying a pail of water up the stairs to the second floor.....and it was not only a pail of water  in my case.
 I had my ups and downs, my good days and bad days in SBPLD but I was happy there...really happy. I enjoyed the company of my colleagues, students and the people there. They were friendly, comforting and understanding. I learned  to adapt with the new environment, get to know  the people and their cultures, and the most important of all, I learned to be independent. Thanks to all the people I met in SBPLD as they have helped me in making who I am today, a teacher.