Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Catch Us If You Can - by Catherine MacPhail ( Form 5 Novel )

The synopsis
This is a heart-warming story about the love between two generations, a grandchild and a grandparent. It tells the story of a young boy, Rory who was separated from his ailing grandfather due to unavoidable circumstances.
Rory and his grandfather, whom he called Granda, lived in their flat in Scotland. His mother passed away and his father abandoned him when he was young. Since then, his Granda had been Rory's guardian and they only had each other to rely on. Granda was kind, generous and charming but he was prone to lapses in memory due to his old age. Granda's episodes of forgetfulness were often hilarious, but they could sometimes also be disturbing and dangerous. There were times when Granda put Rory's homework down the rubbish chute and the rubbish in Rory's school bag, acted inappropriately at Parents' Night and left his lit pipe in his coat pocket. Due to this, over the years a role-reversal had taken place, Rory had become Granda's care taker instead of Granda caring for Rory.
One day, as a result of one of Granda's episodes of forgetfulness, their flat was burnt down and Granda was seriously hurt. The authorities then realised that neither of them was capable of taking care of the other, so they were separated. Rory was sent to the children's home Castle Street and Granda to Rachnadar, a nursing home. They were devastated with the news and found it difficult to adjust to their new environment. Rory decided to run away with Granda so that they could stay together.
They embarked on their escape across the country and encountered different kinds of people. Some were untrustworthy while some were keen to help and give support.
Along the way, Rory decided to track down his father who lived in Liverpool. As the journey became perilous and with his grandfather's worsening health, Rory had to decide whether to continue with their escape or to turn themselves in to the authorities.

( Want to know the ending? Well, grab the book and find it out yourself......)