Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Names....have you ever complained.....?

My Dayana who is famously known for her non stop stories and questions   ( among her siblings ), asked me about her name. She wanted to know who named her .. She did not really like the name as it did not sound so nice and beautiful. She was very frank, speaking from her heart and I could still remember the expression on her face. This was followed by a complaint from my youngest son, Danish. He too thought that his name was not so nice and asked whether he could change his name to Luqmanul Hakim...( he even spelled the name aloud ). He rationalised that he would have been much more good looking if he was named Luqmanul Hakim.....Where did he get such idea? But it was interesting to listen to the reasons they had. I told them ; whether they liked it nor not,  it was me who named them....and it took me quite some time explaining to them why they were given such names. After knowing that their names carry good meanings and about the long "search" I had to go through in choosing their names, they thanked me. They are now proud of their names......Dayana Batrisyia and Danish Hadri