Saturday, February 26, 2011

She made her way through the crowd.....

Suzana made her way through the crowd. She had to struggle her way to the front seat rows at the same time searching for her name on the seats. Her eyes glanced through all the tags on the seats and after a few minutes her eyes caught a tag labelled “Suzana Harun” on one of them. It was too near the stage where the VIPs were seated.  She quickly sat down and was a little relieved that it was quite near a fan. She was glad as it was a little warm in the hall especially at that time of the day.
She looked at the person next to her, a small-sized lady in a pink dress. She gave a smile and the lady smiled back at her. Having remembered the small booklet given to her by the officer outside the hall, she looked at it and went through the names on it. Her eyes suddenly stopped at a name “Hisham Johan”. She was struck by the name for a few moments. She once knew a man of the same name but it was many years ago; to be exact – 10 years ago. What a long time. In the programme book – Hisham Johan was the guest speaker for that day – a programme for professional development. She realised that her heart pumped extra ordinary fast when her eyes rested on the name.  She then brushed away the questions on her mind.
Suzana was taken away from the hall, from  the present to 10 years ago when she saw the name. She suddenly was brought back to the present when the master of ceremony announced the arrival of the guest speaker.
From her seat, she saw the man walking to the VIP seat in front of her. She felt like collapsing when the man came nearer and nearer to her. Oh God, it was him. He was Hisham, the man she knew 10 years ago. Subconsciously, she clung to the small lady’s hand so that she would not fall.
 “ Are you all right?” the lady asked
Suzana just nodded and sat down. She was restless and lost her focus. She was confused; excited, nervous, pleased and there were a million feelings in her. She could not focus on the event. She was taken away by the past and again her mind flew back to 10 years ago. She was occupied with her thoughts when she heard her name mentioned by the speaker.
“Miss Suzana Harun, are you all right?”
He looked right into her eyes. His eyes captured her eyes. She was speechless and could only nod. He could still remember her and even called her full name. Meeting him again after many years could not be true. 
The event stopped at lunch. She walked to the cafeteria with the small-sized lady whose name was Anita. They took a table near the window as Anita liked the scenery;  a rock garden and a fish pond. Suzana agreed that the view was beautiful and she was more comfortable there than inside the hall.
As she was finishing her meal, a man came, sitting next to her.
“Hisham,” the name came out from her mouth without her realising it. She had not mentioned the name for 10 years and that day, the owner of the name was right in front of her.
“How are you Sue?”
“Okay. It’s a great surprise to meet you here after.....” he paused for a while.
“........after 11 years,” Suzana continued before he could finish his sentence.
“Yes, after 11 years,” he echoed it.