Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tale of A Coin

Here I take my solitary rounds,
Amidst the trees and winds come softened,
My lazy eyes catch something on the ground,
An old coin so foreign and flattened.
I once had a similar possession,
With which brought a fairy tale, 
That ended with a painful question,
For many years did not prevail.
Will I get coin of the same kind?
Still flattened but money can't buy?
The wish frolic over my vacant mind,
And tears fill my melancholy eyes.
Goodbye my coin, goodbye my tale,
Cherish you, my whole life will.
I let it go, it drops on the trail,
Find another coin, I never will.
By Rynn Yusuf
A story of a friend who once owned a precious coin.
Thanks for sharing the story with me and it has given me
 an inspiration to try my talent in poem writing.

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