Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When you are tested..........

Sometimes I wonder, what would life be if there were no challenges, problems or obstacles. Would life be interesting or monotonous? Would life be pleasant or dull? Would life be happy or sad? 
Challenges, problems and obstacles I faced in life have taught me many things; I have learned to be more optimistic, open-minded, mature, patient and appreciative of what God has given me. Recently, I was tested  and this time by an acquaintance whom I am very sure does not really know me ( I do not know her either ). She left me her comments about me 
( they were more condemns than comments ) that I would remember the rest of my life. She started with all the positive things ( all about herself and her family ). Good for her as she has all the beautiful things a person wants in life and I am happy for her too. However, I was taken aback when she reached her final note. The remark she made was very cruel and unacceptable ( especially from someone who claimed herself to be more "solehah" ). Initially, I intended to return her remark ( of course with remark of the same tone too ). Half of me ( the evil side of me definitely..hehehe ) wanted to hurt her the way she was hurting  me but the other half of  me ( the angel side ) insisted that I would not do that. Finally, I withdrew my intention. I would not want to hurt a person just because I was hurt and angry. I would not want to be of the same pathetic mentality and downgrade myself. I kept quiet and smiled to myself. I could just hurt her the same or even more if I wanted to. I thanked Allah for giving me the strength for not doing the thing that I would regret later because I knew, I could hurt her more than she could hurt me......not only with words...
I remember what my ustazah said many years ago when I was in Form 5 . " Jgn sesekali membenci, menyakiti  atau menghina  orang lain kerana kita tidak tahu, mungkin orang yang kita benci, sakiti atau hina itu lebih disayangi oleh Allah ". Wallahualam. 

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