Thursday, March 10, 2011

.........and he knew she liked it very much.

“Sue, please.....”
“Sham, stop it.”
“You have to listen to me.......”
“Hisham, you have to stop....”
“But, you have to listen to me, don’t do this to yourself.......I know it hurts you and it hurts me even more..........”
“Please, stop it!” she was firm this time and the man next to her stopped.
There was silence in the lift.
“I  have to go.” She broke the silence when the lift stopped at the fifth floor and she walked out from the lift.
He followed her.
“Stop following me.”
“No, I’m not following you. I’m going to my room.”
She did not say a word but continued walking. He walked behind her and stopped before she stopped at her door.
“My God, his room is next to mine!” she screamed  in her heart.
     She was exhausted; physically and mentally. Unfortunately she could not put herself to sleep. Her mind was too busy thinking about what had happened earlier that day. The incident came to her view vividly and it was like a film being played again and again. Hisham’s face was disturbing her. He came into her mind, her view and her way. She saw him every where she went. She saw him in her mind. He was everywhere. It was difficult for her as the image of the man she once loved was disturbing her. She felt tight in her chest. Suddenly there were tears on both her cheeks. She cried all her heart out but did not know the reason for it. The only thing she knew was, it would not be easy for her, not with Hisham around. She did not know when she fell asleep.
     She was a little late that morning. She overslept as she did not hear the alarm. Suzana grabbed her notebook and dashed out from her room. She could not afford to be late. She had been waiting for this slot of the programme. The reason she had signed up for this conference was due to the slot; the new approaches for teaching adolescents. She was too occupied with not wanting to be late to realise that someone was watching her when she walked out of her room. She slammed the door and ran toward the lift. She nearly fell down when she reached the lifts. All the lifts were busy. She grumbled, complaining about not wanting to be late.
     She heard someone coughing behind her. She turned and saw Hisham. One thing for sure, he looked very handsome that morning just like eleven years ago. He did not change much. Only that he was a little taller than before and definitely more handsome. He had grown up being a good looking man. What more with his charismatic character. Without realising it, she was actually admiring the handsome man in front of her.
     Her heart pumped faster when she was brought to the present. She did not like the feeling she had. Hisham  was smiling as if he knew what was on her mind, as if he knew she was admiring him. She returned his smile and he winked his right eye which he often did 11 years ago......and he knew she liked it very much.