Wednesday, March 23, 2011

He had to know, to be sure of his feeling..........

Hisham could not stop thinking of Suzana. He had been looking for her for so many years and when he was about to give up, she appeared. Meeting her again was what he had been dreaming and hoping for merely eleven years. Lying in his bed, in his hotel room and knowing that the person he loved very  much was in the next room made him uneasy. He could not think straight and was not in his right frame of mind. All the memories he had with her kept on coming into his mind, every minute of his days and it was torturing him. Her smile, her small eyes and everything about her made him crazy. He loved her too much but was afraid of the reality he had to face and that was the reason why he had been avoiding her for two days. He had to see her before losing her the second time. He would not want that to happen again. Once is enough.
That night, the last night of the programme, he gathered all his courage and picked up the telephone. A few seconds later, he heard the voice he wanted to hear.
Hisham took a deep breath before responding to her.
“Hello...hello..” Suzana’s voice was heard and Hisham coughed to clear his throat before uttering his first word.
“Hello Sue....Hisham here.”
“Hisham.....what....” but Hisham did not allow her to finish her question.
“Sue, please listen to me....please listen...”
His husky voice had a different tone this time and she was able to feel the misery he was feeling right now. She did not respond but waited for his next words.
“Sue, I need to see you tonight. Please say yes. I have to see you...please.” He pleaded softly.
Suzana was speechless and undecided. This man she was talking to, whom she loved very much was there for her and that was what she had wanted all those years. Unfortunately, she was afraid to see him again. She was not ready and felt that it was not the right time.
“Hisham, I can’t...I don’t think this is right....”
“I have to see you and if you want it to be the last meeting between us, I promise it will be the last...”
He was very wrong about that because Suzana never wanted it to be the last. She was hoping that she would be able to see him again and again.
“Okay then...” She responded.
He was at the hotel lobby, waiting for her. She walked to him and when he heard her , he turned and smiled. She smiled and that was the smile he had missed so much. He walked her to his car which was parked in front of the hotel entrance and without a single word they left the hotel. He drove in silence and the road he took was too familiar to her. He was taking her back to the place where they met the first time and fell in love. He stopped at the entrance of their alma mater and looked at her. He knew it would hurt her very much but he had no choice. That was the only way to find out how she felt about him. He had to know, to be sure of his feeling too so that he could continue with his life and learn to love someone else if he had to.

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