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The Prisoner of Zenda -Chapters 6-10

Chapter 6-Rassendyll Is Crowned King Rudolf the Fifth
      The city of Strelsau had two main sections, the New Town and the Old Town. People living in the New Town supported the King while those living in the Old Town wanted  Black Michael to be their king.
       The Coronation procession first past through the New Town and was greeted by cheering of spectators. Rassendyll wanted to show the people in the Old Town that their king was brave. As the Coronation procession prepared to past through the Old Town, Rassendyll decided to ride alone.
      The Coronation took place at the Cathedral  where Rassendyll met Black Michael and Princess Flavia for the first time. After the Coronation, the Princess and Black Michael were introduced to Rassendyll the “King”. Later, Rassendyll and the Princess got into the royal carriage and left for the palace . The Princess saw some changes in the “King” but she liked his seriousness. The Princess also warned the “King” about Black Michael.

Chapter 7- Where is the King?
      The dinner at the Royal Palace was a success as no one had recognized the King as Rudolf Rassendyll. After the dinner, Sapt and Rassendyll set out to the hunting lodge in Zenda. The plan was for King Rudolf V to return to the Palace and Rassendyll to leave Ruritania .
    They left Fritz in the King’s bedroom and would tell everyone that the King was resting.      Nobody was allowed to enter the room. Sapt and Rassendyll left the Palace through the secret door which opened into an underground passage . They came out at the back of the Palace gardens.
     Sapt and Rassendyll were riding to the direction of Zenda when they heard somebody  riding after them. Sapt and Rassendyll hid behind some trees. They saw that the two horsemen were Duke Michael  and Max Holf, who served under the Duke. Later, when Sapt and Rassendyll rushed to the lodge, they found that Josef, the servant was killed while trying to save the King. The King was missing.

Chapter 8 – Rassendyl Must Return to Strelsau as King
      Rassendyll and Sapt searched all the cellars and the whole lodge but they could not find the King. Sapt realized that Black Michael’s men must have come to the lodge after Rassendyll, Sapt and Fritz had left. The Black Michael’s men had killed Josef and kidnapped the King
     They had no choice but to go back to Strelsau .and continue impersonating the King. Sapt said that as long as Rassendyll was in Strelsau, Black Michael would not kill the King. So, they would have enough time to plan his rescue. When they were at the lodge, Black Michael’s men came. They went to the back door of the lodge and waited. When the men were at the front door, Sapt and Rassendyll attacked them. Rassendyll killed two men and Sapt killed one man but a bullet caught Rassendyll’s fingers.

 Chapter 9 – The Famous Six
     Sapt and Rassendyll returned to the Palace and entered the King’s room through the secret door. Fritz thought that Rassendyll was the King and greeted him. Sapt told Fritz what had happened to the King.
      After breakfast, Sapt gave Rassendyll a three-hour lesson      on his duties. Then the chief minister came to see Rassendyll and brought some important papers for him to sign. Later that day he met some ambassador and one them was the English ambassador who had come to Rassendyll’s house in England. He was lucky because that man was short-sighted and could not recognize him.
     Rassendyll was tired and wanted some rest but Fritz told him that they had to act fast to rescue the King. Fritz got the information that Black Michael had returned to Strelsau with three of his Famous Six. Sapt inferred that the other three of the Famous Six were guarding the King in Zenda and the King was still alive .

Chapter 10 – Rassendyll Meets Black Michael and Three of the Famous Six.
      Rudolf rode through the street because he wanted the people to like and trust the King. He stopped and bought flowers for Princess Flavia. It pleased the crowd as well as the princess.
Duke Michael and his three foreign followers arrived at Princess Flavia’s residence. Rassendyll saw hatred in Duke  Michael’s eyes. Princess Flavia wanted Rassendyll to be careful of the duke and his men. Rassendyll realized that he was falling in love with the princess.

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