Friday, April 22, 2011

The Prisoner of Zenda -Chapters 21-24

Chapter 21- Danger for Rassendyll and Danger for Rupert of Hentzau
At the drawbridge, Anntoinette ran toward Rupert and cried out that Black Michael was dead and fired at him. However, he missed her target when Rupert escaped into the wood and grabbed a horse from a peasant girl. Rassendyll managed to catch him and they fought. Rupert was about to kill him when Fritz arrived. Rupert turned around and escaped.

Chapter 22 – I Am Not the King
The King was saved. The news was that the king had been wounded in Zenda during a rescue mission of a friend from the prison. In the fight, the Duke had been killed. Princess Flavia rushed to see the King. She met a peasant girl who told her that the King was behind the tree, badly wounded. But Sapt tried to tell her that the King was in the castle. Feeling confused, the princess went behind the tree and saw Rassendyll. Spat told her the truth about Rassendyll as Rassendyll confessed. The princess fainted. Rassendyll felt ashamed that he had lied to the princess.

Chapter 23 – Honour Must Come Before Love
The King thanked Rassendyll for saving his life and throne. He was still very weak when Rassendyll visited him.  Rasssendyll then went to see Princess Flavia. They confessed their love but decided to put honour and loyalty as the priority. Princess Flavia decided that she should stay for the sake of her country. Rassendyll admired her courage.

 Chapter 24 – The Adventure is Over
Antoinette de Mauban went back to Paris and stayed unmarried. Rassendyll went to the Alps and rested in a peaceful little village. When he arrived home, he refused the job in Strelsau. He lived quietly and alone in a house in the countryside with the memories of his beloved. Once a year, he travelled to a small town near Ruritania to visit Fritz and his wife Count Helga. They gave him a rose and news from Princess Flavia.

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