Sunday, May 29, 2011

School Holidays...... has been quite a long time I haven't really enjoyed the school holidays. For those who think that being teachers is the best job of all ( where holidays are concerned ) , well, you are wrong. Not all teachers have their school holiday, although they deserve it very much. Many people out there ( who are not teachers or do not know any teachers ) do not really understand the profession. They always envy teachers, not because of the jobs or tasks  teachers do, but the school holidays they think the teachers have.
Yes, like other teachers,  I am now enjoying my two-week holidays, doing a lot of things concerning the students, school, exams, holiday camp  etc. You will ask me, " But you are home? " Yes, I am at home, holidaying and doing all these. That is the life of a teacher. Due to all the hectic schedule of being a teacher,  the uncountable tasks I am obliged to perform and the hard-to-get holidays , all my children have deleted  the profession ( especially being an English Language teacher )  from their  lists.
However, looking at the other side of the coin, I still manage to have quality time with my family at home. I may be doing my work in the morning ( when my children are still sleeping ), having breakfast with them ( when they are all awake ), continuing my work after that ( while they are watching movies and playing games ) , cooking lunch for them and having lunch with them , taking them to the zoo or lake garden in the evening, .......and the list continues. I still have some precious time with my beloved and at the same time doing my work at home.....Happy Holiday and Selamat Bercuti...

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