Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I just came back from a four-day convention in Jitra Kedah. Being a teacher, attending the convention was a great experience. I gained a lot of knowledge not only about teaching and learning but also about other things concerning our beloved country Malaysia. Well, I also managed to meet new friends from other states. 
This convention has made me reflect on myself as an individual and teacher , my teaching, how I reacted on my students' learning behaviours and my teaching environment. Frankly speaking ( writing hehehe..) there is so much to be improved...and also to be amended. 
The typical teaching and learning environment and the pressure of  "producing  A students and the best results for the school" has made me become a robotic and less creative teacher sometimes....what more with the stress and workload which sometimes made me forget that my students are only human beings with different needs, abilities and capabilities.....
This interesting convention has also made me realise how I have neglected myself for so long......I have not been doing what I used to like passion

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