Friday, April 22, 2011

Quote of the day

“Love is when the other person's happiness is more important than your own.”

''Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”

H. Jackson Brown, Jr

The Prisoner of Zenda -Chapters 21-24

TPOZ - Exercises for LEP (5)

The Prisoner of Zenda -Chapters 21-24

Chapter 21- Danger for Rassendyll and Danger for Rupert of Hentzau
At the drawbridge, Anntoinette ran toward Rupert and cried out that Black Michael was dead and fired at him. However, he missed her target when Rupert escaped into the wood and grabbed a horse from a peasant girl. Rassendyll managed to catch him and they fought. Rupert was about to kill him when Fritz arrived. Rupert turned around and escaped.

Chapter 22 – I Am Not the King
The King was saved. The news was that the king had been wounded in Zenda during a rescue mission of a friend from the prison. In the fight, the Duke had been killed. Princess Flavia rushed to see the King. She met a peasant girl who told her that the King was behind the tree, badly wounded. But Sapt tried to tell her that the King was in the castle. Feeling confused, the princess went behind the tree and saw Rassendyll. Spat told her the truth about Rassendyll as Rassendyll confessed. The princess fainted. Rassendyll felt ashamed that he had lied to the princess.

Chapter 23 – Honour Must Come Before Love
The King thanked Rassendyll for saving his life and throne. He was still very weak when Rassendyll visited him.  Rasssendyll then went to see Princess Flavia. They confessed their love but decided to put honour and loyalty as the priority. Princess Flavia decided that she should stay for the sake of her country. Rassendyll admired her courage.

 Chapter 24 – The Adventure is Over
Antoinette de Mauban went back to Paris and stayed unmarried. Rassendyll went to the Alps and rested in a peaceful little village. When he arrived home, he refused the job in Strelsau. He lived quietly and alone in a house in the countryside with the memories of his beloved. Once a year, he travelled to a small town near Ruritania to visit Fritz and his wife Count Helga. They gave him a rose and news from Princess Flavia.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quote of the day

We grow great by dreams. All big men are dreamers. They see things in the soft haze of a spring day or in the red fire of a long winter's evening. Some of us let these great dreams die, but others nourish and protect them; nurse them through bad days till they bring them to the sunshine and light which comes always to those who sincerely hope that their dreams will come true.
- Woodrow Wilson

TPOZ - Exercises for LEP (4)

TPOZ - Exercises for LEP (4) live their lives without each other.

“ Sue, please don’t tell me to do that. I can’t do that. I can’t forget you for you have been in me, in my life for too long and to forget you is an impossible thing to do.” Hisham responded to her request when she asked him to forget her and continue with his life.
He had tried to forget her but it was not an easy thing to do. He could not erase her from his mind and heart. He loved her so much that it would tear him apart every time he tried to forget her . There was and would always be a place for her in his heart. She was too special for him. Her request that night had hurt him more and more.
“ You have to, Sham. Loving me will make you suffer and I can’t forgive myself. Seeing you hurt like this.....” Suzana repeated her request when they reached the hotel entrance.
He drove to the parking lot in silence, parked his car and turned to look at her. There was anger on his face  and his eyes met hers. He asked her to look into his eyes and she obeyed.
“ Don’t you ever ask me to forget you because forgetting you hurts me more than loving you. I am happier to love you than to forget you. Loving you makes me alive, Sue. I am what I am today because of my love for you. Loving you makes me a happy man though I know now you will never be mine. Please don’t ask me to do that....allow me to keep on loving you, to cherish the beautiful moments we had together because those are the only things I can do now.” His voice became softer and the pace slower when he reached his last sentence.
“ I’m sorry, Sham. I thought that it would be the best for you, I just want you to be happy. It is killing me, seeing you like this, you are in so much pain because of me....”
“ Don’t....please, it’s not your fault, Sue. It’s not our fault. We are fated to live a separate life.” Hisham sounded firm and comforting. He did not want Suzana to feel that she was the one to be blamed for what had happened. He did not want her to continue her life feeling guilty. As he said, it was not her fault.
“You have to let it go, Sham. It’s the only way......”
“ No. I can’t. I tried many times, Sue, to forget you, but I couldn’t. It hurts me more. I am happy loving you....believe me....I want it. I want to love you and it’s my choice. Let me love you......”
“ I know...I will never be able to.....” Hisham could not finish the second half of his sentence. He had to rephrase his sentence so that it would not hurt them both.
“ Sue, I know that you will not be mine but I am happy to continue loving you. Please, allow me to love you and cherish our memories....please, for my sake...for my happiness..” Hisham smiled and that was the smile he had on his face on the last day they met at college.
Suzana cried her eyes out listening to his words. They were like knives cutting her into pieces, stabbing right into her heart and killing her. She wanted to hold him tight and tell him that everything would be fine but she could not because things would not be fine for him or even for her. Both of them knew that after that night, things would be different and difficult for them. It would be a great burden for them to live their lives without each other.   

The Prisoner of Zenda -Chapters 16-20

Chapter 16 – Murder in the Moat
Rassendyll spread the news that he was seriously ill so that Black Michael would think that he could not act against him. But when Princess Flavia heard this news, she went to Tarlenheim at once. She was happy to see that Rassendyll was alive and well.
Johann brought sad news about the King. He was ill and growing worst every day. The Marshall too was urging to have the wedding at an early date. The King must be free before that.
Rassendyll continued with his plan. With Fritz, Sapt and 6 horsemen, they set out for Zenda Castle. The 6 horsemen hid themselves at the edge of the forest. Sapt, Fritz and Rassendyll walked to the moat. Rassendyll went into the moat and swam by the wall of the old caslte in the direction of the pipe.  He saw someone was on guard in a boat. The man was asleep. He was max Holf. Rassendyll took his knife and killed the man. He was ashamed of this. It was the most shameful deed.
He swam to the pipe but was disappointed when he found that the pipe had no opening. He then heard the King’s voice talking to Detchard.
He then climbed out of the moat. Three of the Six were leaving the castle. They attacked them and managed to kill 2 of them; Lauengram and Kaufstein. However, Rupert escaped.

 Chapter 17 – Rupert of Hentzau and Madame de Mauban
Black Michael and Rassendyll were deadly enemies but in public they pretended to be friends. That morning, Rassendyll and the princess went for a ride through the street of Zenda. They met the chief of Police. The told Rassendyll that a young Englishman was missing. The family and friends thought that he was in Zenda. Rassendyll then asked the chief of police to leave Zenda because his presence might ruin his plan to save the king. He told the man he would handle the matter.
Rupert met Rassendyll and asked him to join his plan to attack the castle and kill Black Michael so that he could have the power to rule Ruritania and Rassendyll could marry the princess. But Rassendyll turned down his offer.
Rassendyll received a letter from Antoinette de Mauban, asking him to meet her at the House of Death, the Old Castle of Zenda.

Chapter 18 – Rassendyll Makes A Plan

 The Marshall asked Rassendyll to set the wedding date and he fix a date a fortnight ahead. So the King had to be saved before the wedding.
Johann came with the news that the King was very ill, thin and could hardly move. He also told Rassendyll that the wedding date made Black Michael angry. Rassendyll was glad as this could help his plan to save the king.
Detchard and Bersonnin were guarding the king that night. Rupert and De Gautet were on duty during the day. The guards on duty kept the key of the drawbridge. Rassendyll told Johann to open the front door at 2 o’clock the next morning and before he left, Rassendyll gave him a note for Antoinette de Mauban.

Chapter 19 – Rupert of Hentzau Also Makes a Plan
Rassendyll rode ahead to Zenda Castle. He planned to swim to the drawbridge. He waited for the rest to come at the appointed time. A window opened and he saw Antoinette and Rupert arguing. Rupert told her that after he killed Rassendyll, Black Michael would give her to him. He also said that Black Michael was false, faithless and a coward. When Black Michael saw Rupert in Antoinette’s room, he was angry. They argued. Rassendyll wanted to kill Rupert but he had to wait for Johann to open the castle door.

Chapter 20 – Rassendyll Fights Bravely to Save the King
Antoinette screamed when Rupert entered her room. The Duke came to her rescue and they fought. Rupert stabbed the Duke and then escaped through the window. Rassendyll killed De Gautet as he came running out of the castle. Rassendyll found the key and entered the door leading to the King’s room. Rassendyll killed Bersonin.  Detchard wanted to kill the King but the doctor defended him. Detchard managed to wound Rassendyll.

Friday, April 8, 2011

........they were not meant for each other

“Our love story ended eleven years ago, Sham.”
Hisham shook his head and said, ”No, Sue. I never stop loving you. I love you every day, every minute and every moment of my life. I love you more and more and never a moment I live without loving you. Our love never ends and it will never end.”
Suzana wanted to say the same too but she could not. She knew and realised that their future would tell a different story. It would not be possible for her to love or continue loving this man. She had to face it and tell Hisham so that he too would be able to face the reality and start a new life, although she knew it might hurt both of them. That minute, she decided to tell Hisham the truth.
She took a deep breath and prayed that Allah would give her all the strength she needed. Hisham was waiting for her words, her explanation, impatiently. She would never want to hurt this man whom she loved very much. She knew what she would say would hurt him tremendously but she had no other choice.
“Hisham, I loved you, I still love you and will always love you but......” Suzana could not finish her sentence. She was trying to find the most suitable words but she failed to do so. It was difficult for her and there were more tears coming from her eyes.
Hisham did not take his eyes off her and deep in his heart he knew that what he would hear would not be of what he had wanted and desired. He could see something unpleasant through her eyes which were so transparent of her feelings. Her eyes had always been so sincere of what she felt and thought. They would shine and be lively when she was happy but would be gloomy and quiet when she was hurt. Her eyes could never lie but that moment he hoped very much that what he saw in her eyes was not true.
“Hisham, we are not meant for each other....., during your absence I learned to love someone else. It took me many years to realise how much he loves me..” Suzana closed her eyes tightly as she dared not witness the injury she had caused to the man.
Hisham was speechless. All that he had hoped for and dreamed about were destroyed and he felt as if his heart and soul were ripped off from him. Suddenly there were emptiness and lifeless feeling inside him. He had desired to be the only man loved by Suzana, the only man who had the right to love her, to caress her and to be with her so that he could hold her and share her happiness and sadness, her joy and sorrow. He had always desired to be her life partner, to be able to see her smile every day,  listen to her soothing voice ,  tease her, make her laugh and giggle , be there for her and grow old together. Those were what he had hoped for eleven years. Was it his fault? Had he not tried hard enough to look for her? There were too many questions and he could not forgive himself. He was to be blamed. He could have done something eleven years ago....but it was too late now. He was losing the woman he had longed to spend his life with.
Unable to endure the frustration and hurt, he turned away from her but his eyes caught the sight of the big tree and it hurt him even more. All the beautiful memories they had and the unbearable feeling of losing her came simultaneously. This could not be happening to him.
“God, please give me some strength.....” He whispered to himself.
Suzana could see his trembling shoulders and she had never seen him in so much pain. The tall, tanned and handsome man who had always been her hero, so strong and protective when she was in college, was now in great pain and she could not help him. She had caused the hurt and great wrench he was experiencing.   She had never dreamed that their relationship would end such a painful way. It was neither his nor her fault. It was their fate that they were not meant for each other. 

TPOZ - Exercises for LEP (3)

TPOZ - Exercises for LEP (3)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Quote of the day

I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see.