Friday, June 17, 2011

Positive Mental Attitude

“It’s your attitude not your aptitude”. These are the words  which have become very vital for all of us. It is our attitude or mindset and not our talent or ability that leads us to success.

These words have obviously proven that a big task or ambition can be achieved if we have positive mental attitude. In other words, we will be able to achieve great success if we are optimistic. In fact, all the shortcomings or weaknesses in ourselves can easily be dealt with if we are optimistic or determined in achieving what we want. Success is gained due to positive thinking which leads us to work hard and overcome all the obstacles along the way and finally pray to the Almighty for success.

Apart from that, an optimistic person will perform his task without being prejudice or judgmental towards other people, his own job or career and most importantly not to be prejudice towards all the efforts that he has put onto the task. He should not be afraid of failure. Therefore, there is no doubt that a task done with determination and whole heartedly will gain success.

Furthermore, positive mental attitude provides strength to our souls in facing challenges in life. This strength enables us to be confident with ourselves and our actions. Being optimistic in whatever we do will enable us to perform all the tasks given to us. We will be more determined and happy to perform the tasks and do not give up easily when facing difficulties. Hence, the quality of the tasks is guaranteed. This is because, the effort we put onto the tasks is based on the positive attitude we have in our minds. It helps us to take the obstacles as challenges which give us the opportunity to improve ourselves.

Besides that, this positive attitude provides a kind of motivation to us.  With it we will be able to become great people in our own way. We are able to think of solutions to problems while other people are sleeping. We are able to try and keep trying while other people are losing hope. We are very enthusiastic while other people are losing interest and we are able to seek help to overcome our problem while others are giving up.

Therefore, it is obvious that people with positive mental attitude are able to perform all kinds of tasks. Despite all the challenges and obstacles that come their way, they are able to face them. Nothing is impossible for them to achieve what they desire with God willing.

Looking at a different perspective, positive mental attitude helps us to make difficult things easy. Like a popular saying, “If there is a will, there is a way”. In this situation, we will look for solutions and overcome all the problems we face along the way to achieve our aim. We will not feel threaten or afraid with all the problems that might stop us half way.

Having  positive mental attitude will definitely promise us our success at the end of the journey. We look at things positively because we are able to take the risk to explore our own abilities and capabilities, we trust ourselves with what we have and make full use of them. Therefore, we are able to find methods and ways which suit our abilities and capabilities given by Allah in facing all the challenges in life. As Allah has said in Surah An-Najm verse 31.

“ And there is nothing for man unless for what he has worked for”

Thus, the more we try,  with positive attitude, the more benefits we will gain because success depends on the efforts  gained from positive thinking.

Let us  take the story of Helen Keller, a strong woman, who had made a great name despite being dumb and blind since she was two years old. All her triumph was due to her determination and positive mental attitude in facing ups and downs in life.

In conclusion, people who have positive mental attitude in whatever they do will work with determination in order to obtain success. Finally, success will be waiting for them as positive attitude has become their strength and enable them to endure pains and difficulties, that at the end, prove their individual perfection.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

School Holiday Activity

Kem Kecemerlangan : English Language Slot ( 29 May 2011 )

With Form 5 Students

With Form 3 students