Monday, May 14, 2012

I hate this feeling........

This feeling comes again....and I despise it. I dislike myself  when it comes but I have no other choice as it comes so sudden and uninvited. I tried very hard to fight it but to no avail...I failed and the feeling is here to stay and this time its stay is a little longer....It's a torture, mentally and emotionally. Am I too weak to fight it? Sometimes I feel like letting the feeling conquering me. Fine, lets see, let me not fight it this time and see how far it will take me? Another side of me actually is frightened...I dare not see the consequences or the end road it will take me....I dare not. I have to keep on fighting it, for my sake and for others' sake. Okay then, let  me fight and eradicate this horrible feeling and thought  ( it's not easy....someone please help me!!!)

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