Thursday, June 28, 2012

.....our story ended eleven years ago

It was the most difficult thing to do. It was not easy to tell someone you loved deeply that you would not marry him, but someone else. Suzana hated herself, what more when she saw Hisham's reaction to her announcement. Hisham froze momentarily after hearing that she would marry Adli not him, and she could see the tears in his eyes. It hurt her deeply too but she had no choice. She had  to tell him the truth.
The sight of Hisham that particular moment tore Suzana's heart apart. He was badly hurt by the news and she felt like holding him, comforting him and telling him that it hurt her too. The man she loved very much was in pain and she could not help him as she herself needed help. How she wished all that was a dream and would disappear once she woke up from sleep the next day. Unfortunately, it was not a dream, it was real and the reality was what she hated most.
"I love you, Sue...."
"I'm sorry, Sham. I didn't mean to hurt you. I wish this was not true. I love you so much that I would never want to hurt you but I lost you eleven years ago, Sham. You left me...."
"I love you, I love you, I love you....please don't marry another man. You can't marry him. I won't let you.." Hisham's husky voice was shaky and more tears could be seen.
"I want to see him, I want to tell him that you love me and not him and you should marry me. I won't let you marry him, Sue. You're mine." He was in terrible pain and his voice proved it.
"Please understand me, Sham. "
"I love you and you know that, right? This hurts me, I can't live without you. Let me talk to him..."
"It's too late, Sham. The wedding is next week."
Hisham was shocked and grabbed her hand. He held it so tightly that she could not do anything about it. Being able to "feel" him made her dizzy and her heart beat even faster. She shivered and quickly pulled her hand from his grip. 
"You can't do that. It's too late, and I don't want him to know about us. I want you to continue your life without me just like what you did before this course. You have become a successful man without me and that shows you can live without me."
"It's never too late, Sue. My life is imperfect, Sue. I'm half dead without you. A successful but unhappy man, that is what I am."
"Hisham, listen to me. You have to let me go, as I am your past and as I said before, our story ended eleven years ago." Her tone showed the despair in her. She cried and all the words she wanted to say stuck at her throat. 

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