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An article : How to lead a healthy lifestyle

Question: Based on your observation, many of your classmates are not taking proper care of their health. As you are the president of the Health Club of your school, your teacher advisor has asked you to write an article for the school magazine on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Use the notes below to help you write your article:
·         Practise personal hygience
Wash hand and brush teeth
·         Take balanced meals
Avoid junk food and fried food
·         Drink a lot of water
At least eight glasses daily
·         Get adequate sleep
Seven to eight hours day
·         Have regular exercise
Keep fit and build stamina
·         Share problems with others
Talk to friends or school counselor

When writing the article, you must remember:
·         To give a suitable title
·         To give your name as the writer
·         To include all the points given
·         To provide an ending
·         That your readers are students of your school

How to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle
By: Nurul Athirah Assan

            From my recent observation, many students are not taking proper care of their health. They have to cope with such things like lessons, extra-curricular activities and social events. They tend to forget about their health in order to accomplish everything within a short span of time. This  will eventually take its toll on the students themselves. Hence, I would like to share some tips on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.
            First of all, you have to practise personal hygiene. For example, wash your hands frequently especially before or after handling food and also brush your teeth twice a day. Keeping yourself clean helps prevent the spreading of bacteria. Another way is you have to take balanced meals. Your bodies need sufficient nutrition to sustain your activities. You should avoid eating junk food and fried food as they are unhealthy.
            Apart from that, you need to drink a lot of water. It is advisable to drink at least eight glasses of water. This can prevent dehydration in your body. You should also get adequate sleep which is seven to eight hours a day. Having a proper rest and sufficient sleep are important so that you can wake up energized the next day.
           Next, you should have regular exercise. You can do aerobics or just plain walking and jogging. Set aside at least three times a week to exercise. This activity will keep you fit and build your stamina at the same time.
            Last but not least, share your problems with others. do not keep your problems to yourself as it will lead to stress. You can talk to your friend or school counselor or whoever you are comfortable with.
            These are a few tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Life is a precious gift from God and therefore it is your responsibility to take care of your own well-being. You have to get your priorities right before you become the victim of your own carelessness. After all, prevention is better that cure.         

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