Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Catch Us If You Can - Interesting Character

Question: Based on the novel you have studied, who do you think is the most interesting character? Give reasons to support your answer.


In the novel “Catch Us If You Can” by Cathrine MacPhail, the character I think interesting is Rory, the main character in this novel.
      Rory is very patient especially in taking care of his Granda who suffers from memory lapses. This can be seen when Rory asks Granda where he put his homework. He notices a bulge in his rucksack. It is a bag of rubbish in his rucksack. Granda has absent-mindedly thrown away his homework and kept the rubbish instead. The next day in class, Mrs Foley  asks  Rory about his homework and Rory tells Mrs Foley the truth, that he has lost his homework. Mrs Foley asks him to stay back at lunchtime to do his homework but Rory cannot stay as he has to rush home to prepare Granda’s lunch. Rory knows that Granda does not do it deliberately and he does not scold or blame  Granda. 
     Rory is also very determined. He shows this when he plans the Great Escape for three days after Darren suggests  hiding in his mother’s caravan. He gives Rory the spare key to the caravan. Rory carefully carries out his plan. He packs his and Granda’s things. He visits Granda after school, as usual. He wedges open the emergency exit. Later that night, he visits Granda and prepares Granda by dressing him up and then tells him that he is getting out of the home. Rory takes  Granda away from there while Val is having coffee with  the nurses. Both of them successfully sneak out through the emergency exit and out to a quiet train station where they are not noticed. They arrived at the train final stop and go uphill in a fine drizzle and then up a long winding path that leads to the caravan site.
         Another good thing about Rory is, he is a loving boy. After the fire at the flat, Rory is sent to Castle Street and Granda to Rachnadar. Rory is not happy. Granda does not like to stay there and he is upset and cries. Rory sees Granda sitting on his bed and crying at Rachnadar. It breaks  his heart . Granda and Rory cannot live without each other. Rory decides to run away with Granda. 
       Although Rory is still a boy, he has many good qualities many boys of his age do not possess. Because of this, I think Rory is a very interesting character. 



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