Sunday, April 29, 2012

….because he knew how much she loved him and how less she loved the man…..

     Hisham hated that day when he had to leave the place. It was painful and devastated for him because  to leave the place meant to leave Suzana...again. He did not want to lose her for the second time, not again...he would not allow that to happen.
     Hisham was early that morning, not because he was excited to end the four-day programme but he had to see Suzana before leaving the place. He had sleepless night the night before, thinking of her, not wanting her to leave him and not wanting the programme to end. The four days of having Suzana near him were the best days of his life….after 11 years. He had enjoyed looking at her from afar, the way she smiled was still like 11 years ago , the way she looked at him, smiled at him and talked to him had made him love her even more. The four days had lightened up his gloomy life, and he would not allow those days ended just like that.
     His eyes eagerly explored the huge hall and halted at the seat on which Suzana always sat. The sound of footsteps at the other entrance of the hall attracted his eyes and there he saw the woman he had wanted to see walking up to where he was standing. She was walking and looking at him. He smiled and she smiled back. Only God knew how he felt that moment. His heart melted. He wanted to tell the whole world how happy he was and how he loved her. He desired to hold her in his arms and tell her how much he loved her.
Suzana stopped in front of him, still smiling.
“Sue, I love you..” Hisham whispered but loud enough for her to hear.
“I love you too..”Suzana replied finally, with shaky voice and tears in her eyes.
“..but I love you more, Sue..I love you more..” His husky voice sounded so sincere and true.
“Let us go somewhere and talk..” Hisham suggested to her and without any objection like the previous night, she nodded and smiled.
     He walked her to his car, and drove away from the hotel. He took her to a small cozy restaurant located 3 kilometers from the hotel. The place was quiet and they were the only customers that morning. They asked for coffee and breads. There was a short silence after the waiter left them. Hisham looked deeply into her eyes, wanting to know how she felt at that moment.
“You did not argue..” Hisham broke the silence.
“You did not argue with me this time. You agreed to come here and talk..”
“I did not want to end it with an argument, Hisham. I would like us to…..” Suzana stopped.
“…what…to be like those days…?” Hisham predicted.
“No…not really…we can become friends..good friends..” Suzana’s voice was soft but did not sound very convincing. She knew it and Hisham could see it too.
“Sue, I want you to listen to me…listen carefully to what I’m going to say” He was firm this time.
“Sue, I want you to know that I love you, I love you, and I love you. I don’t want us to become friends or good friends, I want us to become lovers. I want you to be my lover, the one and only. I want to live my whole life with you, I want you near me, every day of my life. You are my heart and soul and I can’t live without you and your love…”Unlike Suzana, he sounded very convincing and confident of what he had said and Suzana knew that he really meant it.
    There was no reply from Suzana. She kept quiet and allowed him to look at her, searching for her eyes, demanding for a reply.
“I love you..I never stop loving you and these four days have made me realize that I love you more than those days in college..I will not let you go this time, Sue..” His last words were a little  threatening.
“Hisham, you know how I feel about you….but…”
“You love me, don’t you?”
“Yes, I love you but…I met someone and….”
“…and you love him too…Yeah, you told me last night how you learnt to love this man…Sue, you learnt to love him, but you did not learn to love me…you love me with all your heart…” Hisham was actually glad to hear that because he knew how much she loved him and how less she loved the man.
“I’m going to marry him, Sham…”

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Time Management

     First and foremost, let me give you a clearer view of this topic by giving you the definition of time management. Time management means, ‘ the act or skill of dealing or organizing your time’. If you are able to manage your time well, you will gain a lot of benefits but if it is the other way round, you will lose a lot.
     In this essay, I will focus on two things which are vital in time management. They are ; How to manage your time and The effects of good time management. How to manage your time? Good time managers  always plan their work or tasks. To manage our time wisely, it is helpful if we can have a checklist of tasks and  their deadlines. The sequence of the tasks is put according to their deadlines and urgency. By doing this, we are able to see the number of tasks we have and deal with them systematically.
     The most important or the most urgent tasks should be given priority and allocation of time spent on these tasks should be put into consideration. This is to ensure that they are accomplished within the deadline. If we are able to complete a task earlier or before the deadline, we will be able to go through the task given and this gives us the opportunity to see the weaknesses in it and thus improve them.
     On the other hand, poor time managers always work at the last moment. As we know, the last minute work is usually unimpressive and has a lot of shortcomings or weaknesses. This is because it is done haphazardly and without proper planning.
     Apart from having a checklist, we can also have our own schedule or timetable in which we can allocate not only time spent on our job or profession but also time spent with friends and family. This helps us to balance our time between work and leisure.
     Now, I will touch on the effects of time management. If we manage our time well, we will be able to work systematically and efficiently. A systematic and efficient worker produces good outcomes and these outcomes will be better as he or she becomes more experience in the job or task.
     A good time manager pleases his boss and colleagues. This is very true because if we manage our time well, we will manage our job well and therefore will make the company, institute or office runs smoothly.
     On top of that, a good time manager is definitely a person of great discipline. It takes a great deal of self-discipline to manage our time.
     Finally, good time management ensures bright future. When  we manage our time wisely and beneficially, we perform better than others, in our jobs and tasks. This means we are better workers than those with poor time management. If we are able to manage our time, it is no doubt that we can manage a company, institute or even society.
     In conclusion, time management is something that we can learn and through good practice in managing our time, we will be able to achieve great benefits and success. To become great people, we must be great time managers.