Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2012

How I make myself happy.....

Bismillah...In the name of Allah the most gracious and merciful...
     Many of us do not realise that  small things can make us happy. I learn to make myself happy with these small things in life. We always look for huge and expensive things to make ourselves happy and thus forget that even tiny things around us can make us smile and enjoy life. There are times when I am down and sad, lazy and demotivated, bored and tired. For instance, after every test or exam, to get myself  mark the exam papers, what I always do is buy new red pens. These not very expensive pens usually give me a little "semangat" to start working on the scripts. Why don't you give it a try? Yeah....just like buying new pencils for our children before their exams.
     Do put on a smile on your face. I believe that smile can make us happy and other people happy too. I always start my day with a smile as I believe a smile can mean something to some people ( if not all ), especially in the morning. A smile from you can change someone's mood or feeling. You may be surprised when one day a friend comes to you and say, " Thanks for the smile, it makes my day".
     Forgive and forget. If someone hurts you, do give your forgiveness even though he or she does not apologise. As long as it doesn't kill you, forgive and forget, and I'm sure you will be happier. Be positive in whatever you do or think. Every cloud has its silver lining, so always hope for the best and pray for good things. I know it is easy said than done, but there's no harm in trying because at the end of the day, what you want is happiness. 
     One more thing, your working environment. As I am a teacher, I am surrounded with students and as all of us know, teenagers are teenagers. Being teenagers, they are very playful and tend to  make elders mad and mad and mad....but I will never allow them to make me mad, as I don't want to spoil my day by getting mad. I have my way of handling them and it works ( but dealing with teenagers you can't win all the times, right?). I don't immediately punish them if they fail to do their homework or task. I allow them to take a little more time to complete the task because those who usually fail to complete their tasks on time are slow learners and need more time. I usually give them a day or two extra. By the way, even if I get all 40 essays on time, being a teacher ( busy with 1001 tasks ) I won't be able to mark all 40 essays in a day, right? So, why must we be so strict unnecessarily  that we make our lives and our students' lives miserable. However, I will put my foot down if the delay continues.
     I always reward myself after every job well-done. This is what I like best because it gives me a sensible excuse to buy something new for myself. It need not be something expensive or branded. I usually go for new handbags, dresses, shoes, books or magazines, lipsticks or whatever I can grab.  I tell many of my friends about this and no one argues with me and I'm sure many of you out there agree with me too. Well, it is a kind of self-appreciation. If we do not appreciate and reward ourselves, who else?
     These are some of the many things I usually do to make myself happy so that I can live a pleasant life. Have a go and see the results..... :)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Spring Cleaning and Movie time.....

     This weekend I did some spring cleaning; clearing my tables in the study room getting ready for my end-year task. After lunch the cleaning and clearing started and to my surprise there were loads of books I've got there. My mini library was a little messy; the books were haphazardly arranged not according to sizes and titles but unfortunately I had to abandon the idea of rearranging them as to do this I would have to spend more time. What I did was tidying the working tables, selecting and throwing all the old notes, handouts and some other things. Doing all this took about two hours and that was all I could afford to spend. 
     After the cleaning session, I joined my children at the family hall watching a movie on AstroFirst. "Aku Terima Nikahnya" starred by a beautiful actress Nora Danish and the tall, tanned and handsome actor Ady Putra. Well, I'm not going to write about the story line as the plot is not something new but I really like the acting of these two experienced people. They have done a good job, making the characters alive. Watching them made me feel I was part of them ( to be exact, I felt as if I was the female character ) and made me so much in love. I have watched a lot of romance movies and read a lot of romance story books but I have never felt I was part of the story or character in the story. This was probably  because they  put so much feeling and soul in their characters. Spending more than an hour watching this movie was definitely a good break for me. Apart from that, it makes me feel good...yeah I feel so much in love....