Sunday, March 3, 2013

Article: How To Beautify Our School

It is the cleanliness week in your school. You are asked by your teacher to write an article for your school newsletter. The title of your article is "How to beautify our school". With the help of the notes below, write out your article.
In classroom

  • sweep - mop- floor
  • clean - dust - windows
  • rearrange desks - chairs - furniture
  • set up reading corner
  • paint walls
School Compound
  • paint murals - walls
  • decorate - notice boards
  • plant - flowers - herbal plants
  • clear clogged drains
  • put up - slogans , motivational phrases
When writing your article:
  • you may use all the points given
  • elaborate on the given notes to make it more interesting
  • make sure it is not less than 120 words

Model Essay
     A clean and beautiful school is very important. This is to ensure that teaching and learning will take place. Students can relax and enjoy the activities carried out in school. They can also feel comfortable with the clean and beautiful environment. There are many ways to beautify our school.
     First of all, we have to clean the classrooms by sweeping and mopping the floor. We should also clean the dust on the window panes. We can use a feather duster or a wet cloth to clean the windows. To  make sure that everyone takes part in cleaning the class, we should prepare a duty roster. This is because we can divide the jobs equally.
     Secondly, we should also beautify our class. All the chairs and desks should be arranged properly so that our class looks neat and tidy. A reading corner with variety of reading materials will be very useful. If we have extra fund, we can paint the walls of our class. This will make our class more cheerful and conducive. 
     We should also keep our school compound clean. We must clear the clogged drains so that the water can flow smoothly and there will be no unpleasant smell. We can also beautify our school by painting murals on the wall and decorate the notice boards with information about school or cocurricular activities. 
     Planting flowers  and herbal plants can make our school environment fresh and beautiful. Motivational phrases and slogans around the school compound can create positive atmosphere thus encourage learning. 
     Finally, we should encourage everyone to keep the school clean and beautiful. We should all take part and be responsible in keeping our school clean and beautiful.


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