Saturday, May 11, 2013

Catch Us If You Can : Event

Based on the novel you have studied, write about the part of the story that you like most.

1. State the part of the story you like most
2. Describe it ( elaboration and detail )
3. Give reasons ( provide at least 2 reasons )

Model Answer ( Band A )
        In the novel “Catch Us If You Can” by Cathrine MacPhail, the part that I like most is the great escape
           Rory  plans the Great Escape for three days after Darren suggests  hiding in his mother’s caravan. He gives Rory the spare key to the caravan. Rory carefully carries out his plan. He packs his and Granda’s things. He visits Granda after school, as usual. He wedges open the emergency exit. Later that night, he visits Granda and prepares Granda by dressing him up and then tells him that he is getting out of the home. Rory takes  Granda away from there while Val is having coffee with  the nurses. Both of them successfully sneak out through the emergency exit and out to a quiet train station where they are not noticed. They arrive at the train final stop and go uphill in a fine drizzle and then up a long winding path that leads to the caravan site.
      I like this part the most because it shows that Rory is a loving boy. He loves his Granda so much that he could not stand looking at his granda crying and feeling sad staying at Rachnadar. Because of this, he is determined to take Granda out from Rachnadar. 
       This part of the story also shows us how determined Rory is in making his escape a success. He cannot live without his Granda  who has brought him up and taken care of him since he was a baby, and  because of that he takes the risk  to  take his Granda out  from Rachnadar. I also think that this is the start of  all the adventures and challenges of Rory’s and granda’s  lives.They meet with a lot of people and are always on the run so that they are not caught. It makes the story interesting  and leads to the happy ending when Rory is reunited with his father. 

Note: Words in italics are the details with which will enable you to get Band A marks

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