Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Railway Children - Character I Dislike

Question : Based on the novel you have read, write about a character you dislike. Give reasons and examples from the novel to support your choice.

Model Answer:

I studied the novel, "The Railway Children" by Edith Nesbit. The character I dislike is Mother.
     Mother has many positive qualities a mother should have but , I dislike some of her actions toward the children. One example is when she fell ill. The doctor listed out all the things needed for her to get well. They did not have the money to buy all the things listed. The children asked the old gentleman to help them get the things on the doctor's list. That evening, Perks delivered a large box to the children's house. It was given by the old gentleman. Inside the box were all the things in the list with some extra things. Mother recovered and the children told her about what they had done. However, she was very angry with them. I think this is unfair to the children. They did what they could so that Mother get well and I think what they did is not wrong and should be praised by Mother.
     I also dislike Mother because she did not tell the children what had really happened to Father. She kept it a secret. On the evening of Peter's birthday, two men came and took their father away. Mother was upset. She tried to comfort the children but did not tell them what had happened. They moved to the country and began a new life there. The children had no idea what really happened. They always thought of their father but did not talk about it as they were afraid it would upset Mother. I disagree with Mother for keeping it a secret. I feel that the children have the right to know what happen to their father. Although they are still young to understand, they should know the real story about their father so that they are mentally prepared to face the change in their life. 
     Although Mother had her own reason for doing the things she had done; scolded the children when they seek the old gentleman's help and did not tell the children about what happened to their father, I think that she was being unfair to the children. 


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  2. Qasih Nur, I have posted a sample answer on 'an interesting character' or ' a character I like".

  3. can you give me another one reasons why dislike mother

  4. I want the character of bobbie as a 5 paragraph in chapter 1,2,3

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