Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Railway Children - Interesting Character

Based on the novel you have read, write about an interesting character. Give reasons and examples to support your answer.

Model Answer
     I read the novel, "The Railway Children" by Edith Nesbit. In this novel, I find that Bobbie is a very interesting character. 
     I find her interesting because, she is a brave girl. This is shown when there was a landslide. Half of the hillside crashed down onto the railway line. The  train was in danger. The children used the girls’ red petticoat to make six flags to warn the train. The train came down the track too fast. Bobbie ran onto the railway line waving two flags. The train stopped twenty metres away from Bobbie. Here, it is very clear that Bobbie is a brave girl and I am sure not many children her age would do this.
     She is an interesting character because she is very loving. This is shown when Mother was ill. The children did not have money to buy the things listed by the doctor.  Bobbie and her siblings got help. She loved her mother very much and got all the things in the doctor’s list for her mother with the help of the old gentleman. The old gentleman gave all the things in the list and some extra  things. 
     Bobbie  has many good qualities and that is why I find her interesting.  We should make her  our role model.

The Railway Children - Thoughtfulness is the key to happiness

Thoughtfulness is the key to happiness. Based on the novel you have learnt, describe an event that shows thoughtfulness. 

Model Answer
     I read the novel, "The Railway Children" by Edith Nesbitt. In this novel, there are many events which show thoughtfulness. One of them is when the children  asked to have cakes on Thursday.
    They wanted to make a birthday tea for Perks. Peter wanted to ask everybody in the village to help them give Perks a nice birthday. On Thursday, the children went around to collect presents the people had promised. At three o’clock, the children took the presents and the pram to Perks’ house. When Perks came home and saw the pram and the presents, he was angry. He thought people would laugh at him for being poor and needing their things. Bobbie explained that the people wanted to give him the presents because they liked him. Perks calmed down. He was glad that his neighbours thought so kindly of him. By being thoughtful, the children had made Perks happy.
     In this event, Bobbie and her siblings had made Mrs Ransome happy. They found out that Mrs Ransome was not happy because no one remembered her birthday and she did not want to join them and give Perks a birthday present. The next day, Bobbie and Phyllis gave Mrs. Ransome roses and a handkerchief for her birthday. Old Mrs Ransome thanked them for the roses. She gave them apples for Perks. By being thoughtful, the children had made a lot of people happy and this definitely proves that 'thoughtfulness is the key to happiness.