Saturday, May 23, 2015


Congratulations to Tn Kamal bin Mansor, the new Ketua Sektor Jaminan Kualiti of Perak State Education Department who was formerly LMS Education Officer. Thanks for all the guidance, support, advice and knowledge given and shared. Best wishes from all of us in LMS. 

Teacher's Day Celebration

It was a wonderful day for me as I was able to spend half the day in this wonderful school among wonderful educator friends. It was indeed not the same like it used to be but it was a day I would cherish. SMK Kampung Jambu is moving to a higher level now and I am happy for that. I also hope that it will continue to excel in future. 

A Two-day Workshop on Differentiated Learning on 11th April

Workshop on "21st Century Learning" for Majlis Guru Cemerlang on 9th April

This was a great experience for me when I was given the chance to share what I have with MGC and Excellent Teachers of LMS. Responses from GCs were very encouraging and it was definitely a valuable sharing. A day after the workshop, some of them tried out the activities shared during the workshop and some of them posted pictures of them and students doing the activities. These teachers were very positive and able to see the need to transform for the benefits of students. Some of them shared with teachers in their school and received positive feedback too. Bravo to all of them. 

LADAP on 'Pembelajaran Koperatif ' for SABK teachers on 4th April

Workshop on Introduction to Differentiated Learning on 28 March